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Let's do it Geneva
Aug 2014.

Geneva, 25 August 2014 -- On 27 August 2014, ICVolunteers (ICV) will be organizing a citizen day to clean riverbanks and the lake in the Geneva area. Más...

Jul 2011.

Exposición de Fotografía – Talleres para niños: Perspectivas sobre el medio ambiente, la ciudadanía y el voluntariado
Ginebra, 15 de Julio del 2011. Más...

GreenVoice: Exposition photographique
Nov 2010.

Du 15 novembre au 8 décembre 2010, le Centre Œcuménique des Eglises à Genève abritera une exposition de photos dans le cadre du projet GreenVoice. Más...

Cyber-volunteering: A Millennium Solution for Development by Young Africans
Sep 2007.

Workshop, International Conference Centre
International Conference Centre, Rue Varembé, GenevaRoom 5-6, 25st September 2007Time: 14. Más...

ICTs for Africa: Education, Research and Volunteerism applied to Agriculture and Health
Sep 2007.

International Round Table, International Conference Centre
CCV building, room C, 9-11 Rue Varembé, Geneva21st September 2007. Más...

Training of Trainers on Volunteer Computing for Africa
Jul 2007.

Muizenberg, South Africa, 17 July 2007 -- Participants from 18 African countries are taking part in a workshop on volunteer computing in Muizenberg, South Africa from 16 to 22 July 2007. Más...

Putting your computer to work to fight against malaria in Africa
Jul 2006.

Geneva, 13 July 2006 -- While you are sending an email or surfing the web, your computer could be helping to tackle one of Africa's major humanitarian challenges, malaria. Más...

ICVolunteers launches Cyber-Volunteers Program
Jan 2005.

On 26 January 2005, ICVolunteers will officially launch their new Cyber-Volunteers Program. Más...

Tendez la main pour réduire le fossé numérique
Nov 2003.

Participez au programme des volontaires du Sommet Mondial sur la Société de l'Information (Palexpo, Genève du 4 au 13 décembre 2003)!. Más...

Volontariat et développement de compétences humaines
Oct 2003.

Le Comité d'Organisation du Symposium International de Dakar organise,. Más...

With little support and no pay, big results: volunteers return surprisingly tangible results
Jun 2002.

What do you get when you take people from 126 countries and ask them to work extra long hours on weekends and holidays for a year, without pay and with little instruction of what to do? In most cases, if you answered "chaos", you would be right. Más...

Recherche de volontaires et de familles d'accueil pour le Forum Mondial de la Société Civile - Geneva 2002
Apr 2002.

Le Forum Mondial de la Société Civile (Geneva 2002) aura lieu à Genève du 14 au 19 juillet 2002 (formations à partir du 8 juillet 2002). Más...

UN Open House: A Call for Volunteers
Sep 2001.

UN agencies in Geneva will open their gates to the public on 27 to 28 October 2001. Más...

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