Cleantech, Job Engine: Myth or Reality?

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Image source: My Swiss Company
Image source: My Swiss Company

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Dates and Place

11 December 2012, Geneva, Switzerland
OPI, Bluebox, Chemin du Pré-Fleuri 3



Project details

In a world where questions related to the environment are increasingly relevant, numerous green jobs are necessary. This is the issue developed by Cleantech. Its jobs claim to be a remedy to the crisis and to unemployment.

Worldwide statistics are without further right of appeal: they report 20 million additional jobs in the environmental sector by 2030 and in ten years, Cleantech could represent a commercial mass of nearly 3,352 billion Swiss Francs.

There’s talk of a better use of natural resources offering great opportunities for the economy, with the creation of more than 100,000 new workplaces in sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, eco-technology, biological agriculture, waste management, and recycling in order to ensure prosperity of the entire population in the long-term.

However, according to a survey by Future Cleantech Forum, 64% of Swiss and European companies in the Cleantech sector fear for their future because of problems related to framework conditions and subsidies.

Switzerland and the Rhône-Alps region want to position themselves as leaders in the field. But what exactly is it? Do we have the ability to develop Cleantech in our region?

These questions will be addressed during a round-table meeting bringing together businesses, industries, and local authorities. 

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