GreenGames for Children in Geneva

Toys created from recycled materials
Toys created from recycled materials
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19 August 2015

GreenGames are a series of workshops organized within the environmental framework of the GreenVoice program created by ICVolunteers. The main goal of the workshops is to raise awareness among the youth and families concerning their consumption patterns, attentiveness to non-biodegradable toys and their recycling habits. Inspired by the photographer and artist Michael Wolf’s installation of The Real Toy Story, moderators (ICV volunteers) of GreenGames workshops welcome children and their parents to join and play Green. Among the partners of the GreenGames is the 'Passeport Vacances' Program run by the Department of Public Information in Geneva.

Before buying their children new toys, parents are encouraged to think about the millions Made in China, and to consider how, by whom, and in what conditions, these toys were made. During these workshops moderators discuss the fact that many toys end up in boxes in the attic or in the rubbish bin and how certain toys, such as rubber ducks, can contribute to pollution.

Another issue in our fast-paced world is that some parents might not get the opportunity to spend time creating and participating in activities with their children. Through this workshop moderators hope to instill the idea of doing something useful for the environment whilst also enabling parents to have fun with their children. They are introduced to recycling and environmental sustainability through cheerful pedagogical games and activities showing them that not only are there creative ways of reusing materials but that they can also have fun constructing new toys or objects together.

The workshops’ program consists of an environmental educative and creative part. The educational part of the program involves watching informative, interesting videos and playing pedagogical games which both introduce recycling and consumption issues. During the second part of the workshop moderators will come up with ideas of toys or crafts to make out of reused materials and will provide them for the children. They can then make their own and decorate them as they wish.

Another objective is to complete the chosen crafts without consuming any unused supplementary materials. This requires specific attention to materials of which items are produced. Moderators of GreenGames explain the habit of senseless consumption which has been developing in the previous century and which has made immense changes to pollution. Moreover, the ignorance of useful materials is discussed with the children and adults.

There are many steps which are followed during the workshop:

  1. Selection  of material into used and not used in order to prepare the material for the production out of 100% recycled materials.
  2. Deconstruction of used material in order to see what they are made of and where the material can be applied again.
  3. Generation of objects of necessity and imagination.
  4. Creation of the items by using maximum imagination and creativity.                     

Uses object → valuation of the object → deconstruction of the object → setting the target for a new object → creation of the new object → recycled, new object!

Participants are trained to use their knowledge, sensitivity and ability to produce new valuable items. Educational institutions as well as parents with children are welcome to register and join GreenGames. 

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