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Martin mugerwa
i am a Ugandan,male.i work with an NGO called Youth Alive Uganda.We work with and through children, adolescents and young adults 9-35 years so as to lead a healthy and proactive lifestlye with reverence for God and respect for is an example of the activities i do:- sensitization seminars on HIV & AIDS, Behavior change workshops, sports galas,youth camps,life skills analysis workshops,training of trainers,leadership workshops,counseling,youth conferences,positive parenting workshops,singles' conferences,family health improvement activities and many others
— Martin, Uganda
Hi,i'm DIVINE from cameroon in the central africa,i'm very passionnated with languages,i'm bilingual(FRENCH,ENGLISH)and i'm studing german and spanish .my dream is to be able to speak at less 6 international languages. o'm a volunteer for the second year now and i created in my country an association called Hope Cameroon.We do in humanitarian assistance and it's so interesting to see a smile on the faces of those who had loose hope. We will appreciate to work with volunteers all over the world who wich to bring their help to africa. Peace and Love Remember,life without hope is meanless!
— DIVINE, Cameroon
Ossama Albert
Web Developer ... I am pleased to offer any support in the web development for civil society and non-profit organizations
— Ossama, Egypt

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