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Laura Viviana Herrera Arciniegas
Hola, soy Laura Viviana, orgullosamente colombiana, amante de los idiomas, de las culturas y de la danza. Me gusta la sensación de la libertad, de viajar, de conocer lo que es diferente a ti. Amo a Dios y a mis padres, más que a nada en el mundo. Me gusta servirle a la gente y aportar algo de mí y de lo que sé hacer a la gente que lo necesita.
— Laura Viviana, Colombia
Kym Rocchia
Hello, my name is Kym Rocchia. I am a student in Applied Modern Languages in the South East of France, my majors are English and Spanish. I have a strong interest for languages and foreign cultures and I would like to become a translator. I am interested in travelling abroad and I find it enriching to meet foreign people with different mentalities and ways of living. I am also an amateur photographer and I am interested in any kind of art, drawing and creation.
— Kym, France
Elizabeth Kiatsurayanon
"A person who combines intellect with excellent interpersonal skills that enables her to work with people from a wide range of backgrounds and different cultures. She presents herself as an enthusiastic and dedicated individual with high work ethics. She is a dependable team member who is also able to motivate others to achieve the appropriate outcomes."
— Elizabeth, France
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